Sunshine Recovery House Waco Texas
Waco Texas

About Us

Our mission is to support the marginalized women of Central Texas who are recovering from addiction.

We provide a second chance. We’ve been there, overlooked and struggling with recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. That’s why we know just how important transitional housing and what we do at Sunshine Recovery House is. We are now walking in sobriety and are able to use our experiences to help other women start their journey of freedom through sober living.

There are about 60 beds available for men in five transitional houses in Waco, and only two homes for women. The odds are stacked against women who want to break the cycle of addiction and enter sober living.

We are actively working to change that.

Our Truths

1 We believe when someone falls into addiction it is only a chapter in their story, not the end of it. We know, because some of us have dealt with alcohol and drug addiction and are now living sober and helping others.

2 We know that the road to drug and alcohol recovery is difficult, but is also a place of finding hope and balance, which can be the foundation people need to stand up and embrace sober living.

3 We trust that one second chance can change the world. Our recovery programs and transitional housing have made a lasting impact on our community through sober living and the women we serve.

What We Do

Meeting Practical Needs

1 We provide healthy space. One of the first things that is needed in the path to recovery is stability. We begin the provision of stability for our women through transitional housing by giving them a safe clean space to live and find freedom. We help supply food and hygiene, as well as basic living needs.

Programs & Counseling

2 We provide healing structure. In most cases, sources of addiction and unhealthy ways of coping can be traced back to traumatic experiences. In order for people to heal from these experiences and learn healthy coping strategies to live sober, we need to provide counseling.

Jobs & Life Skills

3 We provide second chances. Our goal is to help women not just overcome addiction but to take their place as thriving contributors to society. One way we do this is providing training and helping them find jobs in our community.

In an Oxford study, 85% of the people in recovery who lived in a transitional house with support programs were sober for 2 years or longer.

They also had significantly higher monthly income, and significantly lower incarceration rates than people who went straight from a recovery program back into standard housing or homelessness.